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Which hospital will I have an operation?

We have contracted hospitals. On the date you want to have surgery, which hospital's operating room is appropriate, we perform your surgery in that hospital. We don't deal with hospitals if there's any unresolved situation.

Don't worry, when choosing the hospitals we will perform your surgery, we consider conditions carefully as if we operate our own family. 

Why you should prefer Prof. Dr. Serdar Kaçar for bariatric surgery?

Why you should prefer Prof. Dr. Serdar Kaçar for bariatric surgery?

  • Prof. Dr. Serdar Kaçar has performed nearly 1000 operations in weight loss surgery and its success rate is 100%.
  • Prof. Dr. Serdar Kaçar does not only have experience about bariatric surgery. He is also one of the surgeons who performed the most organ transplantation in Turkey.
  • Prof. Dr. Serdar Kaçar is a physician who has achieved many firsts in Turkey. The first small intestine transplant, the first pancreas transplant and the first 3-and 4-cross kidney transplant have performed by him.
  • Prof. Dr. Serdar Kaçar treats each patient individually and makes personalized treatment planning.
  • Prof. Dr. Serdar Kaçar knows that the easiest part of the obesity surgery is the operation process, so he follows each patient regularly from the day of surgery to the day when they reach their ideal weight.
  • Every question you ask before or after the surgery is answered within 15 minutes at the latest.
  • You experience the privilege of being operated in Izmir, one of the Turkey's most beautiful and peaceful city. You can travel the city before and after surgery as you wish. Thus, you can turn your operation into a small holiday.
  • There is long term follow-up to reach your losing weight goal after the surgery with Turkey’s most famous and experienced bariatric dietitians Omer Faruk Korkmaz, Elif Aynalı and Batuhan Citemel.
  • You will be in touch with PhD Clinical Psychologist Bilge Kantarcı to facilitate your adaptation to changes in your new life after surgery.
  • Most importantly Prof. Dr. Serdar Kaçar’ Clinic is a family clinic. The employees are like daughter and son. Every patient who comes here feels like from this family, and be part of this family.

We are huge family, and the family can take care of you most…

I am going to come Izmir to have weight loss surgery. What should I do?

Operation Process For Our Patients From Abroad

  • We make a phone call, learn your BMI (Body Mass Index) and detailed health information and want some blood test to provide us.
  • If your test results clear and our surgeon decide that you are suitable for operation, we appoint the date.
  • When our patient come to İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport, we bring patient from the airport to the hospital with our private car.
  • Staff members can speak English and German, so don’t worry we can communicate all the time!
  • You are undergoing a detailed health examinations and consultations when you stay in the hospital. If the test results normal, we perform the operation.
  • The day after operation you can go out for city sightseeing tour to learn more about our beatufil Izmir if you want.
  • End of the fifth day, our private car bring you to the airport to your new beatufil and healthy life.
  • Five (5) days are enough for operation process to prepare you to your new beginning! Enjoy your new life!

What is the suitable BMI(Body Mass Index) for weight-loss-surgery?

A patient is suitable for bariatric surgery when; 

  • BMI is ‘higher than 30 and a comorbidity’ or
  • BMI is ‘higher than 40’ (morbid obesity).

If I decide to have a gastric operation, should I consult my doctor before?

One day before the surgery, you should stay at hospital. There is consultation process including blood tests, medical workup, radiologic examinations and 5 different doctor’s examination.

What kind of consultations happen before the surgery?

Blood and urine analysis, electrocardiogram (ECG), respiratory function test and abdominal ultrasonography are done. Your consultation will finish with internal medicine, psychiatrist, cardiologist, anesthetizes and pulmonary medicine.

Is sleeve gastrectomy performed by laparoscopic approach?

We perform laparoscopic approach. There will be five little cut on your stomach.

How long is the operation time?

It continuos approximately 1 hour.

If anastomic leakage happens, how do you treat it?

After the surgery if there is leakage from stitches into the abdominal cavity, it causes infection. Anastomotic leakage is usually treated with antibiotics but little additional operation may be necessary sometimes.

What is the risk of surgical death?

There is a 0,2% mortality risk after sleeve gastrectomy.

Do you have any patient who has died because of the weight loss surgery?

Serdar Kaçar has 20 years of experience and he performed more over 1000 operations. None of his patient has died before.

How much weight can I lose with sleeve gastrectomy?

The amount of weight that every person can lose is different. How much weight you lose in first week, you will lose that amount of weight for next 3 weeks. How much weight you lose in one month, you will lose that amount of weight for next 2 months. It is continuous like that until your ideal weight.

Do weight loss continue permanently or it will stop one day? I am afraid to die because of weakness.

Losing weight after surgery is a process that continue albeit at a diminishing pace. Your detailed body analysis is done before the surgery and calculated your ideal weight. Our dietitians will help you to lose weight and then keep you on your ideal weight.


Can I gain weight after the sleeve gastrectomy?

Sleeve gastrectomy is a helping way to lose weight. If you don’t change your dietary habbits, you can gain weight again.

How is the post-operative diet?

There are 3 nutritional periods: First 2 weeks after the surgery, you will consume just liquid foods. Then the next two weeks, you will consume soft consistency foods like baby food. After that one month, you can consume solid foods. All the necessary information about the post-surgery diet will be given to you by booklet by dietitian.

Why should not we consume liquid and solid foods together?

Stomach’s volume will be too small after the surgery. You shouldn’t eat them all at the same time to prevent ‘dumping syndrome’.

Can I drink alcohol after the surgery?

Alcohol is not allowed until the ideal weight.

Do I have to stop smoking after the surgery?

Smoking is harmful. Smoking causes slow and painful death. These weight loss surgeries perform for make you healthy. We recommend stop smoking.

Do you offer follow-up? How long after the operation is it available?

We provide our patients with follow-up for 1 year after the surgery. All your questions about your diet or medicines or health problems, nutrition supplement etc. is answered by our professionals (dietitian, psychologist, surgeon, chemist…).

Do I need to come back to İzmir for follow-ups?

You don’t need to come back to İzmir for follow-up. However some of our patients choose to come. Your doctor will recommend you the health tests to undergo according to your medical records about operation. We ask our patient to provide us the test results, so surgeon can examine it and provide you back his comments and recommendations.

How soon after the operation can I get back to work?

If your job is sedentary, you may go back to work 1 week after the operation. Please don’t forget that recovery period is individual and may depending on each case.

How soon after the operation can I start exercising again?

After your come out of hospital, you should start walking everyday at least 25 minutes. It is recommended to avoid any other active physical exercises for 2 months.

Can sleeve gastrectomy heal my diabetes mellitus?

Losing weight can help healing the diabetes mellitus.

Do I have a hair loss problem after the surgery?

You can have, but if you use your vitamin supplements it won’t  damage you.

How soon after the operation can I get pregnant?

When you reach your ideal weight, you should wait for 6 more months to be healthier to getting pregnant.

Do health insurance pay the operation?

 It won’t pay mostly but you can contact with health insurance provider for more information.